Community Apothecary

Community Apothecary

Located in the Josephine Butler Parks Center in Columbia Heights, the Little Red Bird Botanicals community apothecary is a source for high quality DMV-area grown medicinal herbs.

Open on Wednesdays from 4-7pm for walk-in hours at 2437 15th St NW. Other times are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays by request.

Click here for a stock list of herbs— please be aware that availability varies by the season and year-to-year!

The apothecary stocks herbs sourced from my own local gardens, sustainably wild-harvested from the DC region, and grown by fellow herb farmers.

I subscribe to very stringent ethics around wild-harvesting:

  • I do not harvest any at-risk wild plants, including but not limited to any listed by United Plant Savers (any plants on this list that are found in my apothecary are cultivated)
  • Herbs are never harvested from undisturbed forests or other dwindling ecosystems (I prefer to cultivate forest medicinals)
  • Wild-harvested herbs include only those that are thriving in the human-impacted landscape: it is important to me to take only the plants that live in ecosystems that are thriving and expanding under human influence.
  • All herbs are harvested with respect and gratitude, leaving more than enough behind for the plants to thrive

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