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What to expect at your first appointment

Josephine Butler Parks Center

As an herbalist I approach health problems from a whole-body perspective. At your first visit we’ll review your current health, your health history, outside influences on health, and relevant family history.  Then we’ll work together to come up with health priorities and goals.

Herbal recommendations range from strategies for easing symptoms in the short-term to nourishing, building, and toning over a longer period. I will almost always include recommendations for food-based healing and other changes in your daily practices.

Depending on your health goals and the recommendations, we will schedule a follow-up visit 2-6 weeks after the initial consultation. At this follow-up we will assess progress and make any changes necessary.

My office is located in the Josephine Butler Parks Center on 15th St NW by  Malcolm X park. Visits are by appointment only.

Services are offered on a sliding scale from $30-$140 (herbs are not included in this fee). 

In-person consultations are strongly preferred, but if you are outside the Washington DC metro area a phone or video chat appointment can be arranged.

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