Mullein and California poppy


I’m an herbalist practicing in Washington DC.

What does that mean? An herbalist is someone who works with plants to improve people’s health. Herbalists also love learning and teaching about plants.

Little Red Bird Botanicals offers support for working on specific health issues, discovering the plant world, and deepening your connection to healing plants.

Here’s what I have to offer:


Improve your health: whether you have a pressing health problem or just want to improve your overall well-being, we can work together to create a healing plan using plants, food, and targeted lifestyle changes.


Learn about plants: what’s growing in your neighborhood? Which plants can you eat in your yard? Join me on a plant walk, or gather friends together to host your own.


Grow your own herbs: turn your garden, window box, or patio into a personalized abundance of nourishing herbs.


Become an Herbal CSA member: Build a home medicine chest of locally-grown herbs, and learn how to use them!


Develop your home or office medicine cabinet: keep a store of herbal remedies on hand to address your most common health needs. Available for households or places of business.

Echinacea bud

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